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Roberta Peck Art Collection
Roberta Peck has won four national competitions with her delicately sculptured art. She captures the beauty, grace and power of the human figure. She is presently planning a trip to study various Arts of China, granted by Colgate Palmolive in a recent competition.

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Roberta Peck graduated from Kent State University with a double degree in Fine Arts and Art Education in 1969. Thereafter, she spent two years studying Europ... Full Biography.

Ecstasy Photo Ecstasy, Roberta Peck
Female Model I Photo Female Model I, Roberta Peck
Reclining Nude Photo Reclining Nude, Roberta Peck
Volupte Female Photo Volupte Female, Roberta Peck
Lady by the Window Photo Lady by the Window, Roberta Peck
Masquerade Photo Masquerade, Roberta Peck
Female Dancer  Photo Female Dancer , Roberta Peck
Deco Lady With Fan Photo Deco Lady With Fan, Roberta Peck
Lady on the Rocks Photo Lady on the Rocks, Roberta Peck
Nude With Curly Hair Photo Nude With Curly Hair, Roberta Peck
Volupte Male Photo Volupte Male, Roberta Peck
Ballet Photo Ballet, Roberta Peck
Female Dancer III Photo Female Dancer III, Roberta Peck
Lady with Bird Photo Lady with Bird, Roberta Peck
Tropical Beauty Photo Tropical Beauty, Roberta Peck
Relaxation Photo Relaxation, Roberta Peck
Reclining Oriental Photo Reclining Oriental, Roberta Peck
Nude Photo Nude, Roberta Peck
Untitled I Photo Untitled I, Roberta Peck
Male Dancer  Photo Male Dancer , Roberta Peck
Tropical Beauty Photo Tropical Beauty, Roberta Peck
Tropical Beauty Photo Tropical Beauty, Roberta Peck
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